Sunday, 29 May 2011

Shhh! Couture Design Competition.

On April 25th May Latex company Shhh! Couture,
posted a competition on their
facebook profile for people
to design a 3 piece mini collection.

The winner will win:
  • £35 Gift Voucher
  • Their name on the mini collection - eg. Billybob for Shhh! Couture
  • % of profits from the sale of their designs
  • A mystery prize!
The full brief can be seen just here:
Shhh! Couture Facebook.

After weeks of sitting and drawing different
concepts, and being the perfectionist I am,
I finally came up with designs
that I am quite proud of.

For my concept i designed a range of lingerie pieces,
which can be mixed and matched,
with cut out lace, zips and bows.

I just want to say a good luck to all the entrants,
there are a lot of really strong designs
and amazing talent out their.

Although the winner will be decided by Shhh! couture
and a panel of judges, they
would still like to see peoples thoughts
on each entry.

So why not pop along to facebook and let them
know what you think.

My designs can be seen HERE.
And all other entries in the Design competition folder.

Hayley x

Friday, 27 May 2011

All work and no play...

Mint Siren
Quite a few people ask, so here it is: I have built Mint Siren
from scratch,no loans,no investors, no rich parents... just hard graft,
working multiple jobs,clearing out any savings and sleeping very little for 6 years.
Thanks to all for your support. Our advances is much due to all of you!
I love this little post that Mint Siren creator, Josefine Wing
which was posted on their facebook profile. Just goes to show and makes you stop and think,
that a little determination will go a long long way
and that even though you will need money to start a business it can still
come from your own hard work and dedication
and not just hand outs.

That is not to say that people that had loans and investors
don't work just as hard, but i think that people aren't
willing to work for what they want,
they expect somebody else to help them out, and are
too quick to give up on their dreams.

Hard work really does pay off.

Hayley x

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Recent Projects

I haven't been too great at updating
this blog in a while,
but here are some photos of
some recent shoots with the lovely

Hayley x

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