Monday, 29 November 2010

"Never run in the rain with your socks on"

I have been desperately searching for some knitted
socks that I can wear under my boots, but
they still peak out over the top. More to the point
though, one pair in particular, that I saw
somebody in town wearing, that had a cute button
fastening on the top.

I have finally found them!!!

Unfortunately I can't save the picture to post here
but I have posted the link.

Button Knee High Socks - Knee High Socks - Tights & Socks - Clothing - Topshop

Some of my other favourites from the Topshop website are...

A cute orange pair that remind me of the
school socks I used to wear

Pelerine Knee High Socks - Tights & Socks - Clothing - Topshop

As similar grey pair but with a cute bow
detail on the top

Ribbon Pelerine Knee Socks - Back In Stock - Clothing - Topshop

And a black ribbed pair with a contrast purple
detail at the top.

Contrast Rib Over Knee Socks - Tights & Socks - Clothing - Topshop

Some of my other personal favourites from other sites.

ASOS Premium Long Ribbed Angora Mix Socks

ASOS Over The Knee Socks

ASOS Wool Mix Cable Over The Knee Socks

Calvin Klein Fluffy Over The Knee Socks

And finally...

From Marks and Spencers, I would probably say these are
more of a slipper sock than regular socks, but
I saw a similar red pair in their store the other day and they have the softest
lining ever!!

Pom Pom Fair Isle Knitted Moccasin Socks £14.00

With the temperatures set to drop to -20 degrees and the
snow settling I can't think of anything better
than keeping my feet warm and snuggly.

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