Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Fake Magazine Issue 2

The girls from Fake magazine are back with Issue 2. So why not support some new

and exciting up and coming talent by popping along to their website

and pre-ordering a copy of Issue 2, which is released tomorrow.

Below is the Press Release.

"After the success of their launch Issue in June, FAKE Magazine has announced the launch date of Issue Two. FAKE is a quarterly fashion and arts based magazine, born of two graduates from Birmingham Institute of Art & Design; Kerry Leslie and Sophie Benson. The magazine showcases many talented individuals, including a range of illustrators, independent businesses, fashion labels, interesting projects and great photography. FAKE promotes talent in a printed magazine, an opportunity which is invaluable to further their career and widen their audience.

FAKE will be available to buy online as of the 1st September 2011, priced £4 (+ £1.50 P&P) and is also sold in the listed stockists on their website. All costs go back into the production of the magazine, by buying FAKE you are ensuring more gifted creatives have the outlet to promote their work; you also get a beautifully put together, limited edition magazine!

To find out more:


Twitter: @FAKEmagazine"

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Campaign to Save Creativity

Haven't posted in a little while now, I can assure you
I will get back to normal soon.
The last few times I posted were with regards
to the live window fashion show
I did with Style Creative at the
Davenport Shop of Originality.

Here s the video of the days event, thanks to Leigh Beard.
Hayley x

Sunday, 26 June 2011


Here is an image that was published in the
This is Nottingham newspaper
(Friday 24th June, page 2)
following the fashion event which took place
Unfortunately there is no mention to the designers in the
picture so I have listed each one below.
I am still excited however that people got to see my work.

Front model: Lhoryn: wearing corset by myself,
Necklace: Rhea Clements and leggings stylists own.
Back model: Aleksandra: wearing Harriet-Jade fashion.

Hayley x

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Shhh! Couture Design Competition

Last night I was announced as joint winner
of the Shhh! Couture design

I want to congratulate all of those who took part and
and got through to the semi-finals.
There were some amazing designs and I think
everybody deserved to win.

Also congratulations to the other joint winner
Janine Basil, who design
some stunning latex dresses.

This was the message which Shhh! Couture posted to announce the winners.

Hayley x

Design Competition Winners!

by Shhh! Couture on Friday, June 24, 2011 at 10:01pm

I am SO EXCITED about this competition! I think you'll all agree with me that the entries have been phenomenal. As such, it's been far too difficult to choose one collection. I have spent the last few hours debating with my guest judges - we have come to the decision that there will be two winners! :D (Though to be honest I would have loved to work with everyone that entered the competition!)


The two competition winners are -

Hayley Sharman and Janine Basil.

Each collection is so brilliant, that I couldn't possibly choose between the two. They are completely different and so unique. Shhh! Couture is so proud to have these two designers and their mini collections as part of the brand.

Hayley and Janine - I'll be emailing you both over the weekend so we can get things moving :D

I hope everyone is as excited as I am about these collaborations.

One last thank you to everyone who entered, and to everyone that has commented and given their opinions on the designs. It's really appreciated :)

Design Competition winners announced by Shhh! Couture. Screen Shot.

Mine and Janine Basil's winning designs.

Friday, 24 June 2011

The Davenport shop of originality.

On Thursday I took part in a live fashion show
I was invited to show my garments
by Pash of Style Creative who had joined
with Sarah Davenport to hold
the event.
The day consisted of models having their hair and make-up done in the
window of the shop, then changing
in a booth and modelling in and out of the window.
The aim of the day was not only to help raise awareness of both independent
designers in the midlands,
but the Davenport shop of originality,
as an outlet for independents fashion designers, illustrators and

If anybody hasn't visited the shop I would definitely recommend
having a look. There are some stunning
paintings and illustrations, corsets and underwear by Eternal Spirits,
and some fantastic cut out art. All by
local people.
Their address is 8 Flying Horse Walk, Nottingham, NG1 2HN.

In total there was around 15 models, 4 fashion/underwear designers,
and a couple of jewellery designers.

I had the absolute pleasure of working with models Lhoryn and Beau,
who did an amazing job of modelling two of my pieces.

Here are a few pictures for now, I shall upload the rest later.

Hayley x

Beau gets her hair done in the window.

Hair stylist working whilst model: Aleksandra models creations by Harriet-Jade Fashions

Models Left to right:
Jessica wearing Rhea Clements knitwear, Beau wearing My garments, Wearing

Lhoryn wearing my corset. Leather necklace by Rhea Clements and leggings stylists own.

Models Left to right:
Jessica wearing Rhea Clements knitwear, Beau wearing My garments, Wearing

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Shhh! Couture Design Competition.

I have been announced as one of the
four semi finalists
of the Shhh! Couture Design competition.

Although facebook fans cannot vote,
they would still like feedback from people, as to which ones they like.
Please pop along via this link here
where you can find links to all the finalists
and leave your comments.

The Winner will receive:
  • £35 Gift Voucher
  • Their name on the mini collection - eg. Billybob for Shhh! Couture
  • % of profits from the sale of their designs
  • A mystery prize!

Here is a re-cap of my design entry.

Hayley x

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Fake Magazine

Here are the images of my garments that appeared in Fake Magazine
Issue One.
You can buy it now here.

Strong, Powerful, Protective.
Styling | Sophie Benson
Photography | Jennie Sherratt
Make up | Becky Hunting
Model | Kerrie Johnson

Dress | Sebastian Bird
Necklace | Jennifer Leith
Shoes | Modified by stylist.

Bra | Hayley Sharman
Shoulder pads | Made by stylist
Trousers | Sebastian Bird
Shoes | Model's own
Bracelets | Stylist's own

Left Page | As above
Right page |
Dress | Helen Van Rees
Bangles | Stylist's own

Left Page |
Bustier | Hayley Sharman
Sleeves | Made by Stylist
Leggings | Made by stylist
Necklace | Jennifer Leith

Right Page|
Top | Sebastian Bird
Knickers | Hayley Sharman
Shoes | Modified by stylist
Necklace | Stylist's own
Bangle | Sebastian Bird
Ties | Made by stylist

Left page |
Necklace | Jennifer Leith
Knickers | Hayley Sharman
Shoes | Modified by stylist

Right Page |
Bra: Hayley Sharman
Shoulder pads: Made by stylist
Trousers: Sebastian Bird
Bracelets/Bangles | Stylist's own

Necklace | Jennifer Leith
Knickers | Hayley Sharman

Contents Page


Hayley x
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