Monday, 23 August 2010


Whilst watching Kerrang last night, Rammstein's Sonne came on. Not only haven't I heard this song played in ages but I forgot how much I loved the video. A snow white and the seven dwarfs esque video where the band play the dwarfs. Below are some stills that I found on Google to show you.

I would love to do a fairytale esque shoot with a Gothic twist. The tree in the last picture reminded me of the Tim Burton tree that is used in The Nightmare Before Christmas and Sleepy Hollow.

I have collected other reference pictures that have inspired me, and am looking to use all of these to create some interesting one off pieces and maybe a fairytale inspired photoshoot. Again all photos were found through Google.

Edward Scissor Hands Drawing - Tim Burton

Sleepy Hollow Tree - Tim Burton

Tim Burton Inspired Shoot Harper's Bizare Oct 2009 I think

Tim Burton Exhibition in New York

Christina Ricci - Sleepy Hollow Dress

Marilyn Manson - The beautiful people video stills

Marilyn Manson Video Stills

Marilyn Manson Mobscene girls

My Make up for Halloween a few years back taken from the Marilyn Manson Mobscene girls.

Hayley x

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