Friday, 4 February 2011

Knicker Mail

I am absolutely loving this cute little Knicker Mail gift idea
for Valentines Day from Kriss Soonik.

What I love about it is, it doesn't take itself too seriously, is far from usual
chocolates and flowers and definitely
makes buying lingerie for a partner much easier.
All in all it is a great little flirty and fun gift to receive through the post.

It seems that it is just a Valentines thing at the moment
but I think it would make a lovely
gift any time of the year.

The Knickers are made from Silk Satin and are
'designed to look lovely on bums of various sizes.'

Coming in three colour ways, and priced at only £29, you really
can't go wrong. And to top it all off you can choose
a handwritten message to send with your
Knicker Mail.

Colours available: Black, Red and Blue.

(All photos taken from the Kriss Soonik website)

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