Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Manchester Shoot

At the weekend I had the absolute pleasure
of working with some truly talented and
lovely people.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to a fetish photo shoot
which was organised by Laura Hince.

Due to unforeseen circumstances one of the photographers
and one of the models, that were mentioned on
the previous lists, were unable to make
it on the day

Here is a recap of everybody involved.


Laura Hince Photography
JCG Photography


Collette von Tora
Emma Alicia
Zombie Candy

Make up on the day was done by the models and Emma Alicia.

Having not met anybody before, everybody had an instant
bond, and all understood what each
of us were looking for.
We had three hours at the Kraak studio in Manchester and in that
time managed to get so much done.

I was so pleased with how everybody looked. Each and every model
gave my garments a complete different look
and they all did each piece justice.

I would definitely recommend working with any of the
models or photographers, as they are all
truly talented.

Here are a few behind the scenes images that I took on the day.

Hayley x

Models: Zombie Candy, Collette Von Tora, Rudigo.

Model: Emma Alicia, Photographer: Jason

Model: Emma Alicia.

Model: Collette Von Tora.

Everybody having a chat.

Checking out the photos.

Model:Rudigo, Photographer: Laura Hince.


Models: Emma Alicia, Zombie Candy and Collette Von Tora

Model: Rudigo, Photographer: Laura Hince.

Model: Rudigo, Photographer: Laura Hince.

Model:Zombie Candy

Models: Emma and Collette

Model: Collette

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