Thursday, 29 July 2010

Behind the scenes...

This is a long needed update. All of the images are taken by myself at 3IImages studio in Leicester. My photographer was Grace Elkin (find her here on 3IImages Photgraphy ), Model Abyss (find her here on Model Mayhem ) and Make-Up Artist Sian Revil (find her here either at (Model Mayhem) or (Sian Revill - Hair and Make-Up Artist).

The photo shoot actually took place more than a month ago at Grace's studio in Leicester. I have been meaning to put for a while now, but just simply haven't got round to it. The day of the shoot was quite hectic. I still had tons to buy before getting there for 11am and had quite a bit of hand sewing to do. To make matters worse, why is it that two or three things on a list, that never seem that big might i add, suddenly turn in to hours? Your le
ft trying to rush everything. . Luckily for me with the demand for Grace's photographs from people on my course I had time to finish everything. Phew!

Below are just a few of the photos I took behind the scenes at my p
hoto shoot with Grace Elkin of 3IImages Photography. I got a a bit camera happy and ended up with about 100 odd images, I can't possibly post all of them on here as it will take me forever.

Enjoy. Hayley x

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