Sunday, 18 April 2010

Everything leading up to this moment continued...

Triumph Inspiration Awards

Our University was lucky to be able to participate in the Triumph Inspiration Awards 2009. The motto 'Icons' was given to us and after getting through the first round, I produced this piece based on my icon the cassette player. Focusing on what made the cassette player and cassette itself I looked at the inside of a modern day cassette and used this as my main source of inspiration. I also researched in the alternative trends such as steampunk and cyberpunk, as technology is used in both although in very different ways. To make my final garments I cut circuit boards in to the shape of my pattern pieces and sewed these on top of a base bra and knicker I had designed and made. I then knitted cassette tape for the top cup of the bra. The main focus was to show people what really made my icon by using it to create a lingerie set.

Selection of research, designs and experimentation with cassette tape.

Finished Garment

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