Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Sleepless nights, endless sewing, and a photo shoot.

Today was our Uni photoshoot for our catalogue. With as little as 2 hours sleep in the past 48 hours, I am surprised I even managed to make it. I have been working solid for the past 5 days on my outfit. Fabric has been everywhere and my bed has been unmade with everything thrown on top, just so I can't give in to temptation and crawl in to bed. My pins some how kept making it on the floor and I started to wonder if I was putting them there in my sleep deprived state in the hope that stabbing my toe made me more alert.

I have stood for days, pressing and sewing and cutting and more sewing and I feel like I have been getting knowhere. With the shoot drawing closer I was starting to think I would never get it done. The pleated front took me nearly 6 hours to do, only to be told by my friend that I could have got it sent of and done for me. I'm sure I somehow overlook all this important information that could make my life easier. Nevertheless I feel more satisfied looking at it knowing I pleated it all. On the other hand whilst doing this I managed to burn my arm on the iron. I seem to be good at getting wounds from my course. I'm sure it will be another scar to look back on and think of this stressful time.

As well as the pleating the biggest time consumer was the projected curves on the back of the knicker. Trying to make sure they would stand up I ironed interfacing on both fabric pieces which would then be bagged out with chiffon trapped in between. These were then folded back and pressed and then a thick calico with rigilene channels sewn on were put inside before sewing in to the panels.

The photo shoot itself was quick but seeing my garments on the model made it worth it. Having sat up all night I had been worried it would fit properly, but it fit her perfectly and the poses made it look even better. The make up artists and hairstylists went for romantic styling with a messy up do. We weren't given a copy of the professional photographs but I have some that I took myself. Unfortunately the detail doesn't show up as well on these ones but overall I am really pleased with them.

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